TreeTop is a moving pictures generalist. 

From the idea to the finished product, from cinematography to 3D animation.

we concept, we produce, we deliver.

Our project-oriented work ethic is driven by our passion to deliver the best for our clients and supported by more than 15 years of experience in creating moving content.

We take pride in our work for international clients from a wide range of industries.

We dig deep to find your story and create the visual language to tell it.
We love to sketch out ideas, write scripts, create storyboards and design an individual concept fitting your needs.

There are many moving parts in every production.
We take care of location scouting, casting, travel booking, scheduling, budgeting and all the other tasks needed on the journey to your final product.

We are based in Innsbruck (Austria), the heart of the alps, and did productions all over the globe, from Los Angeles to Beijing. Doing so we did build an extensive network of trustworthy creative partners worldwide.

From studio shoots to mountain exploration, from big cities to the Mexican jungle, whether in a small team or with the big production crew. 

We create images to remember and products to last.
2d+3d Animation & vfx

From 2D and 3D motion graphics to invisible special effects for your film.
We can place your product in the best light, even before it is built, make your logo move to show off what you are alle about and create eye catching graphics that get your message delivered.

We get excited when it comes to creating what can’t be filmed.
Edit + Post Production

We put your story in order and give your images rhythm and color, creating engaging moving content that you and your audience will watch over and over again. 
we create
AWARD WINNING moving pictures
Regardless of whether you use all of our services or just need help with a single task, we will help you to achieve your goals.

Having a good time and creating memories
For us working with our clients and partners is far more than just „a job“.  We learned that creating the best possible product goes hand in hand with creating a great atmosphere during productions.

Working towards a common goal brings us closer together and so it’s not uncommon that finishing a project leads not only to a great product but also to new friendships.
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